Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stealing Time For Fun!

Photo by Sudhanwa..

With spring around the corner, I am starting to think about all the things I love to do when the warm, sunny days arrive and daylight lingers until late into the evening. My time is so limited right now with my day job and my handmade business that I wonder how I will fit in the fun! I know I need to organize my time better if I want to be able to enjoy my favorite spring activities like gardening, taking long walks and soaking up sunshine! So, I’ve decided to take a hard look at my schedule and take control of some of the lost minutes and hours. Here are some steps I am going to take.

Home Activities

  • Get everyone involved in keeping the house tidy.
  • Keep meals simple and let each family member take a night to be responsible for preparing the meal.
  • Make a weekly menu and grocery list to cut down on last minute trips to the store.


  • Spend some time each evening looking at the next day’s schedule. Combine errands such as mailing orders, grocery shopping and returning library books, then schedule a time to complete them.
  • Plan several blocks of time throughout the day to sew, depending on what needs to be completed. I will save at least one of those for working on new ideas and designs, which keeps my creativity
  • Set aside time for writing Thank You notes and packaging orders.


  • Make a list of the marketing activities I currently spend time on, including social networking, such as Twitter, Facebook, Etsy Forums, etc.
  • Assign a number from 1 to 10 in importance and effectiveness to each activity.
    Based on the number given, assign a certain amount of time each day that will be the maximum time dedicated to that activity.
  • Make a daily schedule to include these activities, but stay flexible and know which ones to leave off if something unexpected arises and time runs short.

When it's all done and the sun is still shining, I’ll kick back and enjoy a cold drink and relaxing with friends and family! That’s what spring is for!


  1. You are a smart girl! I need to get out a note pad and make some lists of my own. :)

  2. oh to be organised...well done :) Sarahx

  3. I need to steal some of these ideas, I am always running out of time these days.