Monday, February 9, 2009

Packing Light Makes for a Carefree Trip!

I have a strange fascination with packing. I love getting ready for a trip. I sometimes pack a week in advance even for a short getaway. I think the act of getting ready to go is part of the enjoyment and anticipation of the possible adventure that lies ahead.

I love to see how light I can pack. I want to be able to handle my own luggage wherever I go, if possible. To that end, I am always looking for ways to cut down on weight and bulk when packing for a trip. I keep sample sizes of toletries handy. Toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, hairspray, even contact solution can be found in travel sizes. Those little packets with nail polish remover wipes are great for packing. With products for which I have a brand preference, I simply fill a 1 ounce travel container from my larger container at home.
Pill organizers are great for taking either prescription meds, or just fill the sections with ibuprofen, tums or whatever over-the-counter medications you like to keep on hand. I keep small, plastic containers that can hold Q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, etc. but a ziplock bag would work in a pinch. Those facial wipes that are dry, but suds up when you run them under water are lightweight and perfect for travel. I have several sectioned, zippered travel organizers to hold everything in place.

For clothing, I try to pack a basic wardrobe with interchangeable elements. Black and khaki colored basics are great and can be combined with a bright tank, colorful scarves and other accessories to add pop to your wardrobe! With black, it's so easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Rolling rather than folding clothes can sometimes make it easier to pack and also, reduce wrinkling. I take a small, empty spray bottle in case I need to spritz something that is wrinkled. One or two pairs of shoes will usually be sufficient if you take the right ones. If I'll be walking a lot, I take one pair for comfort and then one more for pretty!

Packing light is a bit of a hobby, some might say obsession, for me. But, it's fun and I know that I am preparing the way for an easy and carefree trip, where everthing I need is close at hand, but my luggage is not going to drag me down. Happy traveling!

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  1. I'm still trying to get better at my packing...trying is the operative word. Good for you! Have a fun and safe trip!