Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's to the Ladies Who Love and Laugh Near the Sea!

I go on a "girls only" trip to the beach every year in early spring and I am already looking forward to it! No, that's not us in the photo, but don't they look like they are having fun? I have been taking my trip with the same group of six ladies for about 12 years. Some of them are friends I see all the time and some are friends I really only see when we go to the beach! But, for those few days each year, they are all my sisters and confidants. I can say anything to these ladies and they will understand.
We have been through so many life changes together and I feel they know me and love me no matter what. I look forward to it all through the year, but right about now, at the beginning of February, when I am tired of the cold in my bones, I really start to long for carefree days in the sun with my gal pals, just soaking up sun, sharing the ups and downs of life, and trying to wait until at least 3 pm to start cocktail hour!
And to think, those ladies above were probably doing the same things about 50 years ago. Let's hear it for girlfriends!


  1. I'll drink to that! clink clink

  2. Amen!
    As many of us who read your blog have all had the good times and the bad, I can't imagine trying to get through some stuff without girlfriends!
    Such a 'warm' place to be when you're with your special girlfriends.