Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dressing Mom; I Guess I'm Hip Again!

Photo by cloverity

Before marriage and kids, I loved fashion as much as the next girl. I wouldn’t say I was a trendsetter, but I tried not to fall too far behind those who were. Then came marriage and shortly after that, three wonderful offspring! Life was busy and exhausting and many a time, I left home knowing full well that I was a fashion “don’t”!

Then my girls hit the pre-teen years and almost everything in my closet became an embarrassment to them. My multicolored, striped, crochet-look cardigan, my “Merry Christmas Ya’ll” holiday sweatshirt, and of course, the dreaded “mom jeans”! My wardrobe was to be pitied and tolerated until I could be made cool again, with their expert help.

Over the next few years, before leaving home, as ridiculous as it felt, I consulted people I had given birth to in regards to whether I was wearing something socially acceptable. I slowly but surely regained some fashion sense, and amazingly, started having to say to my fashion-conscious daughters, “ No, you can’t have the purse (or sweater or whatever) that I just bought, but you can borrow it.”

So, I’ve come full circle and I’m hip again! I have a little grandson now, which is really convenient, since I also still have that comfy multicolored cardigan sweater. And when my daughter says, “Mom! That looks like a grandma sweater!”, I just say, “Yes, honey, but I’m a grandma now, I can dress like one if I want to!”

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  1. Fantastic post. I remember when I used to shop for me not kids. All of a sudden it all changed I will even admit to driving the kids to school in jammie pants because I was not getting out of the car. :) I am still working on fixing the wardrobe. But I am getting there I forgot how much fun clothes can be.