Saturday, February 28, 2009

For My Crafting Buddies: Remembering How We Got Here!

If, like me, you are a crafter trying to run an internet business, you may have already thought about this. But, it just occurred to me that if I'm not careful, the business part of my business will soon take all the fun out of the creating part of it! I don't want that to happen.

When I first started selling my handmade items on Etsy, I went into it with an open heart and wide-eyed innocence about the whole handmade internet community. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a wonderfully friendly and supportive place to be! I loved it then and now! My attitude was that I would make what I loved to make out of the textiles that I loved to work with. I would share them on my Etsy site and if someone found that they loved them too and I made a sale, wonderful! Well, great news! People did like them and people did buy them.

Fast forward a couple of months and I find myself spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer, reading all the advice I can find about building my business, all helpful and useful! Before I knew it, my fun adventure in crafting had become a race to the finish line! Making treasuries, getting put into treasuries, getting on the front page, getting a spot in the gift guides, checking heart counts, page views, google analytics results, and of course feedback! And don't forget the social networking. Had I twittered enough today? Checked facebook? Added photos to flickr? Every day, there is a new site to join, and sometimes I can't remember if I've already joined it!


Time to step back and sew something! Isn't that what I started this for? Oh, yeah.... making things.... that was what I wanted to do!

So, I will be spending more time sewing and less time socializing/marketing and I'll see how that works. You may not see me around as much where the cool crafters hang out. But, I'll be checking in occasionally. And, hopefully, I'll have some new stuff to show off!


  1. I agree! I'm trying to set myself a better schedule to balance both .... I started this out of a passion to explore my creative side. Time when I worked full time and had my girls at home did not permit this....why would I let time doing other things put me back in that situation?
    I must find some perspective. Go have some fun!

  2. It is so easy to forget about the enjoyment of your craft. I have to remind myself all the time. Another thing I do is try new crafts I am learning to spin my own yarn and how to knit doing those two things is fun and reminds me that it is not all about the business side.