Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Angels All Around!

I am back from my beach trip and we had a fabulous time with beautiful, sunny days! We ate some great seafood, drank sangria in the afternoon and enjoyed the sun and the company of good friends!

But, we had a very frightening experience on the way home. We were within a couple of hours of our hometown when suddenly the car in the next lane, obviously completely unaware of us, suddenly changed lanes, coming right over on top of us! I was driving my SUV with two of my friends as passengers. I had my cruise set to about 75 mph. When I hit the brakes and swerved to avoid a collision with the other vehicle, we started fishtailing all over the highway and onto the shoulder! I struggled to regain control, just missing a steel highway sign, and also avoiding the steep dropoff on the right shoulder which, had we gone down it, would certainly have resulted in the vehicle flipping. We finally ended up in a complete tailspin and came to a stop facing oncoming traffic! Amazingly, no one hit us and after the moment it took me to regain my wits, I moved the car into a turnaround in the median!

I can't express how shook up the three of us were! We then discovered that the extensive skidding had caused a flat tire.

So, here we were, three middle-aged, slightly sunburned and badly shaken ladies, in the middle of a four-lane state highway with a flat tire! Then the most lovely sight appeared like a mirage in the desert. A camo truck carrying four Army National Guard men and women came down the highway and right to a stop where we were. They were apparently on their way back to Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, MS. They got out, and after inquiring as to why we appeared to be facing in the wrong direction on the side of the highway, they made quick work of changing the tire! We could barely express our gratitude and relief!

What a weekend! I had a great trip, of course, but more importantly, I was visited by angels, in the air and on the ground! I'm glad to be safe at home!

photo by The National Guard


  1. Wow! That's pretty scary....destiny said it wasn't your time and those angels guarding you did a great job...heaven and earth angels! Glad to hear you're all OK and that you enjoyed your trip....

  2. You two are quite the lucky pair!
    Don't you just love when the day gets exciting, and then rolls over into a love story. Nice move Lady!