Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready For Take-Off!

I made my first sale on 1000Markets today! It turned out to be a buyer from right here in my local area although not someone I know.
1000Markets is a beautiful, handmade site that is quite new, but I am really looking forward to watching it grow and develop. I think it is going to take off soon! As a seller there, you can apply for membership to various markets within the site that are geared toward your types of products and buyers. This makes for small “communities” of sellers within the larger overall community. I think it is a brilliant concept for creating a supportive network of handmade artisans and crafters!

One of the markets I belong to is called “The Village” It is based on the idea of an actual village with shops, homes, etc. There is even a map of this virtual village that shows a lake and a shopping promenade!

It's such a fun concept and the community on the site is very positive and supportive! The site owners are accessible and professional. I love being in on the ground floor of a brand new handmade shopping site! 1000Markets is affiliated with Amazon and transactions are processed through Amazon Payments.
Stay tuned for future developments at 1000Markets. I think we will see great things happening there!

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  1. Saw your comment on Angela's page and noticed you are in state. I live in the Jackson area also. I had to check your blog and of course support my fellow MS peeps. Your blog is great and your work is fabulous. The colors are beautiful.I look forward to keeping intouch and following your blog.