Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He Loves Color!

I believe that all children are born artists!

I have never met a child that did not love to draw, color, paint and make things!

Children seem to have endless creative energy that can be seen in the games they play, the songs they sing and the stories they tell. I love to watch the face of a child as he creates his own version of a masterpiece! We may not even be able to identify the subject, but you can tell by the way his face shines when he looks at it, that he sees the perfect image in his mind's eye and he is pleased with his accomplishment!

Parents and caregivers can help to nurture and encourage this natural creativity and keep the artistic spark alive in every child!


  1. Make notes on what color he favors at various stages in his life, in his day. Those colors have a lot to say.

  2. My grandson is not in love with drawing or colouring, BUT he sure loves colour! He loves to wear bright colours like, blue, orange, purple, red, yellow and tends to pick the same colours in his toy cars, planes, tractors, etc. He loves the colours and sparkling uniforms of the drum majors and the cheerleaders....more so than the athletic event he's at. His creativity is in song, dance and marching...but loves his colours!

  3. he is such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a great niece just for him! hahah

    thanks for your comment today- much appreciated.