Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Centerpiece Ideas for a DIY Wedding!

There seem to be so many weddings taking place around me this season! In looking around for some inexpensive alternatives for table centerpieces for the reception venues, I have seen some really lovely and simple displays that could be DIY projects.

This is so cute for a beach themed wedding! I think I would go for a larger fishbowl for greater effect, but the idea is a good one!

Floating candles among rose petals makes an easy but pretty, glowing centerpiece!

While I'm not usually a fan of submerging flowers and calling it a day, these blooms are so vibrant and colorful in this vase! I could see these at a morning or afternoon reception.

There's not much that's prettier than fully bloomed roses. These are cut short and placed in water with clear glass pebbles. Surrounded by the square votives, they make a dramatic focal point!

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  1. These are ideas worth using anytime, not just for weddings!

    And they reminded me of what we did for my parents' 50th Anniversay, so I'll share. We took tall pilsner glasses and filled them with gold bead garland, turned them upside down, and put white candles on top, and surrounded them with ivy. It turned out really well, and didn't cost a fortune. (Which was a good thing, since my daughter's wedding was two days later!)