Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye to a Favorite Author

I was sad to hear about the death today of one of my favorite authors, Dominick Dunne. Oddly enough, I had visited his website for the first time today and had left a post of encouragement on his message board, regarding his battle with cancer.

I very rarely leave any sort of message as a fan, but I had just finished reading his book, " The Way We Lived Then" which is a sort of pictorial memoir about his life and the many famous people that he met along the way.

Mr. Dunne led a fascinating life among the Hollywood elite for many years before events in his life brought him to a serious crossroads and a period of self-examination. From there, at age 50, he began to write and embarked on a second career as an author and journalist, often covering high-profile murder cases, such as the O. J. Simpson trial.

He wrote several best-selling novels and was a columnist for Vanity Fair. I enjoyed watching him host the show, "Pride, Privelege and Justice" on TruTV.

Dominick Dunne was 83.

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