Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seeing Red in The Kitchen!

Over the years and in various homes, no matter what color my kitchens have been, I have always loved having a few pops of red in the decor. Red adds warmth and liveliness to the room!

My favorite little touches are those old red utensils from the fifties, like this beautiful pastry blender.

I love this red colander and the crock for keeping things semi-organized.

I found this gorgeous set of red utensils at . Anything I could cook with these would surely taste just like grandma used to make!

And I'd love to have this brand spanking new little beauty (from Williams-Sonoma) to add to my red collection! Fabulous function mixed with retro beauty all wrapped up in my favorite kitchen color. Who could ask for more?

Pastry blender photo by passionforvintage
Colander and crock photo by eraphernalia


  1. My living room and dining room are the taupe and sand colours, but, many of my accent pieces and my flowers are always in the rich red it! Love red!

  2. Oh, beautiful red. In my kitchen, too!