Monday, March 2, 2009

Striking a Balance Between Uptown and Downhome!

Photo by mulmatsherm

Operating an internet business has been an eye opener for me in lots of ways. I have "met" so many great people through my handmade business and they are from all over the world! I am trying to learn how to be myself when communicating in all of these online venues while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

Two things come into play here. I'm from the South, which brings its own issues in communication since we have a lot of "sayin's" down here that would probably be meaningless to non-Southerners. Also, I have a bit of a dry wit that doesn't necessarily translate well in the typed word, since there is no wry tone or sly grin to go along with the words.

I think people who love handmade things also like to see a little of the artisan behind the product, so I try to be as authentic as I can be, but without letting the "folksy" take over.

I once received a convo from someone on Etsy that said, "I live in Jackson, too" and proceeded to ask a question about an item. Since I was (over)excited to have someone locally that had found me on Etsy, I responded with something like "Howdy, neighbor!", which, of course, I would never actually say to someone in person, unless I woke up one day to find that the Clampetts had moved in next door. Needless to say, that buyer "took to the hills" (one of those Southern "sayin's") and was never heard from again!

I guess the lesson is to be yourself, but be your best, most polished-up self when dealing with your buyers and others online. You are the face of your business, so put your best one forward!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Ya'll come back now, hear?


  1. It is not something you would ever think about before starting on-line but I will tell you that you are not alone. I always read everything over out loud to make sure it sounds right.

  2. you can say "Howdy Neighbor" to me anytime - though it would be neighboring country's not communities. Love you blog!! And your shop - the bags are amazing.