Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Say No to Cake!

Just Say NO!

I have been getting ready for my annual spring trip to the beach with my five best girlfriends! We have been taking this trip together for the past 12 years and I look forward to it all year long. Unfortunately, I don’t really start getting serious about my diet and workout program until just a few weeks prior to departure.

It’s always the same, living large (no pun intended) all winter and then frantic dieting and exercise from mid-February through the end of March when I know I will have to put a swimsuit on again.
I have had chicken and vegetables, fish and vegetables, and shrimp and vegetables every night for weeks, with a couple of salads thrown in here and there. I miss chocolate cake with all of my heart!

But, I am determined to stick it out and be ready to go, all for the joy of having four carefree days and nights with my gal pals, sunning, sleeping late and sipping wine and, oh yes, there will be cake!

Cake photo by scubadive6
Beach photo by nola.agent


  1. Sounds like your trip will be so fun! I am trying to get bikini ready right now...ugh! I am officially sick of chicken and fish and veggies right now!

  2. There is something great about feeling as if you've toned up, slimmed down a bit, or even just exercised a bit more self-control as you step into your vacation. Lets you enjoy your vacations indulgences with less guilt!

  3. Ummm, what does it say about me if I just had a piece of cake before I read this? Hypothetically, of course...