Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family Traits!

My sister is a wonderfully talented knitter. This sweater is her latest creation. I think it is beautiful! I knit a little now and then, mostly small projects, like scarves. I don't have the patience for projects that take days and weeks to complete, but I admire those who do.

I wonder if creativity is hereditary. My mother never did much as far a fiber arts, but I remember various projects involving decoupage. Also, there is a set of acrylic paint-by-numbers pictures that my parents did together when they were newly married. It is obvious which one my mom painted, so precise and inside the lines. My dad's looks like he finished it in about five minutes, which he probably did, so he could get back to watching football!

I hope I am passing on a love of creating to my own kids. So far, I have not seen a lot of interest on their part, in making something with their own hands. But, if creativity is in the blood, they will find theirs eventually!


  1. I am not a knitter, but would love to gather up that talent. I was totally enamored by the "finger knitting" garland that I found over the holidays. ..and I will attempt that soon.

  2. What a gorgeous sweater. Does she sell her work? Wow I love it!