Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Colorful Place To Land

I have been painting my bedroom this past week. For the last few years, it has been a bright sort of beachy, coral color. I loved it when I painted it and for a couple of years after, but I have recently wanted a change to something more calm and earthy. I chose a color called spun sugar, which is a sandy-brown sugar color. I like the more neutral tone and I plan to add some color with bedding and pillows, but quiet, nurturing color that I can relax in.
I am always amazed at what a difference a can of paint can make. And, also at how much my mood and outlook is affected by color. I tend to be drawn to vibrant colors like reds, pinks and yellow. But, these colors are stimulating rather than calming. Bright red and yellow can increase blood pressure and muscle tension. Studies have shown that blues are more calming.
I think a combination of woodland colors, browns, greens and sky blue will make it a great place to begin and end the day. I will save the vibrant hues that I still love for the living areas of my home.
What colors make you feel at home?


  1. I tend to go deep and dark.
    I started with a blue with a purple tint, and continued with a plum, and then a deep dark purple.
    I thought I wanted everything gray, but it just did not go that way. I choose my colors from a limited pallet of the Aura-Affinity colors from Benjamin Moore. A paint and primer in one, makes it easy to work with. A low V.O.C count makes it easy to live with. Keep going, just let the light tell you what the right hue is for your view.

  2. Our home is mainly beige, yellow and green. I'm looking to do something really different with the next house. I love the HGTV shows where they change colors and it makes this huge difference. You're right. Just a can of paint makes a room really change.

    Enjoy your new room.

  3. My walls are painted a shade called Navajo White, but it's not white at all; more of a cream color.

  4. I love Raspberry and Brown. That is what I have in my room right now but not on the walls. I have Navajo White on the walls like Janet P. Your colors sound wonderful. I hope you love it!